Showering, Bathing, Misting…whatever you wish to call it, I cannot express enough the importance!!! This is probably the most common form of neglect..(yes neglect!) many of us incur upon our feather friends. When taking on the responsibility to own a pet, we are expected to take the best of care and fulfill their every need. With birds/parrots big or small, this includes bathing. Most species’ habitat in the wild is a moist, humid rain forest, Far from what their cage is. Lack of Moisture leaves their skin dry, itchy and may very well lead to Feather destruction like feather chewing or feather plucking, both of which can become life long habits! Most common excuse is “My bird doesn’t like it”. If your child said they did not like a bath, would you quit bathing them? When Bathing is new to your parrot, or if he is scared by it, introduce it gradually. By no means should you STRESS him! Here are some tips on how to bath your parrot:


v    3 ways to “Bathe” your parrot: Keep a large, clean crock of water in or on top of cage.

                                                        Spray with a fine mist.

                                                       Bathe in a sink w/ just an inch or 2 of water.

v    Keep spray bottle near cage at all times so a daily mist can be done.

v    Start S L O W! Pick up bottle, talk soft and tell your Parrot that he is going to get a bath. Sometimes they like to get in a certain spot and grasp the cage bars so allow enough time for this. Spray a light list in the air over the cage. Do not spray a stream at the bird, you will STRESS him! Just spray a mist once or twice if he is scare, 2 or 3 times if he seems ok with it and give a good shower if he starts to “fluff up” which is a good sign he is enjoying it. This should be done everyday. In order for your parrot to get use to it you MUST BE CONSISTENT!!! He may not be in the mood every time, this is normal, just watch for signs when he is enjoying it then give a good bath on that day!

v    Bathe before leaving the house and it will keep your Parrot occupied for a long time preening himself after his bath!

v    Some birds prefer to take a bath in their own crock. Place on top of cage if bird is out often or on the bottom of cage (not under a perch which will fill w/ droppings) Fill with fresh water before vacuuming, they love to jump in when you vacuum!

v    Some Parrots like to bath in the sink with a small amount of water. I let the faucet trickle to, making sure the temp. Of the water does not change. He may not like this the first time or not every time you try it…DON’T GIVE UP!

v    Give a “special” treat after bathing, something he never gets any other time.

v    Take him in the shower with you, let him sit on shower door or even hang a swing from the ceiling or a plant hanger that is attached to the wall. Make sure he does not get any soap, shampoo etc. on him!

v    Never use anything besides water to bathe him!

v    After bathing, place on a perch where he can get some sunshine while he is preening. Make sure he can get out of the sun if he wants so he does not get over heated.

v    Do not bath if your home is cooler then normal or where there is a draft. You do not want him to become chilled. Placing a lamp close to cage may help keep warm in this situation. Be sure to supervise!

v    Bathing also helps keep dander down which means less dust!


v    Remember Bathing is VERY IMPORTANT for your Parrots’ health and feather Condition! Be Positive and Consistent!!!!