Birds lived on earth long before humans. There are 8000 different species of birds, 350 are classified as parrots. Parrots have hooked beaks which help break open seeds, nuts and other foods. They also use their beaks as a third foot to help climb. Their feet are zygodactyls, 2 frontward and 2 backward. They have a thick muscular tongue which is dry. The predominant color is green with various other bright colors which help camouflage them and attracts a mate also. Most Cockatoos are white with a yellow or peach crest. They can erect this crest for different reasons. The largest parrots is a Hiacynth which is 3 feet and the smallest is the Pygmy at 3 inches. Most parrots live in the Tropics in S. America, Australia, New Guinea. Some live in Africa and Asia. Most are whole nesters like in trees, except Quakers which build large colony nest out of branches and twigs weaved together. Some reports state the nest weighing over ton. When Quakers were imported in the 60s, some escaped and formed large colonies which became terrible pest to crops. In the 70s and 80s they were outlawed in several states. Some staes wont change this old law bbut some are reconsidering it. Quakers are the only parrot that can with stand the cols weather. In the 70-80s a lot of parrots were imported and in the 90s impotation was ceased completely. Now domestic breeding is widespread in the US. Parrots can live 50+ years The main reason for a shorter life span is accidents and an inadequate diet. Their diet consist of pellets, vegis, seeds, nuts and fruits. They need their wings clipped 1-2 times a year to prevent escapes and accidents. They need socialized, let out of their cage often. Hand fed babies may not stay tame if not handled and paid attention to. They love to be loved and most people dont realize the personality they have!