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Taking your new baby home can be quite scary for the little guy. Some articles suggest leaving the bird alone for a while. I donít think this would be the best thing for him. I recommend that you keep things kind of quiet around him, hold him up close several times through out the day and talk soft and reassuring to him. Make him feel like everything will be ok. Donít invite everyone over quite yet, but donít leave him alone either. If you have other pets, let them come up and see the bird while itís in his cage and you are right there to make sure nothing happens. Hanging the cage up high will only make your other pets more curious, which could result in a disaster! If you have to leave, you may want to put the bird and cage in a bedroom or bathroom where you can keep the door shut until you know the pets are going to be ok with the new family member.

††††††††† Donít try to teach him all kinds of new tricks right yet, there will be plenty of time for that. Just work on ďstepping upĒ and you can work on other things when heís feeling more comfortable. Make sure he spends enough time in his cage to have plenty of opportunity to eat. Fill his dishes when you get him home. Place him by his food and water several times the first few days so he knows where they are and add new foods a few times to keep him interested. He may not eat much at first, but you donít want this to go on too long. When heís eating well, you can just feed him his fresh food in the morning and discard it in the afternoon before it spoils. Leave his pellets in his cage all the time and any other non-perishable food in his cage the rest of the night. After a week or so you will know about how much to give him.

††††††††† RememberÖYou can call or email me anytime with any questions. Hope you enjoy your new baby! Thanks Jeri