”My Bird Just Laid an EGG!!!”

That is my #1 concern from Bird owners. Many do not realize female birds can lay eggs with out a male. These eggs will not be fertile and will eventually need to be disposed of. Most owners do not know the sex of their bird till this happens. You can find a variety of suggestions on what to do with egg laying in Parrot books and magazines. I have had this happen with several of my pet birds and will share with you what I do when this happens. This is just my opinion on the situation and by no means should ever override what your Avian Vet may suggest.

Birds/Parrots lay eggs every other day or so and sit on them (incubating) for 20+ days, depending on the size and species of the bird. With this in mind I feel they should be allowed to lay their whole clutch, 1 –8 eggs again depending on the species. Then let them incubate their clutch for 2-3 weeks, or if they lose interest sooner. Then remove all the eggs at once and throw away. I feel this lets nature run it’s course and hopefully your bird/parrot will be satisfied and not lay again for a while. From my experience taking each egg as soon as it is laid just encourages her to lay one after another, not letting her do what nature is wanting her to do and depleting her of calcium. Birds/Parrots require extra calcium when egg laying. It is very important that you provide her with calcium before, during and after this period. Lack of calcium and constant egg laying can be harmful and even fatal. Your bird/parrot may lay deformed eggs or become “egg bound” where the egg cannot be expelled. An egg bound bird needs to have immediate veterinarian care. Signs of an egg bound bird are looking like it is straining, weak, staying in the same spot in cage or other abnormal behavior.

Hard cooked eggs w/ shell, oyster shell and cuttlebones are a few ways you can supplement her with calcium.  Dairy products or cheese are not recommended. Parrots can not digest these well. Bird/ Parrots can become EXTREMELY moody when egg laying. This is perfectly normal and may need to be left alone during this period as much as possible. Be very careful when feeding or cleaning cage. She is just protecting what she believes is her future family and wiil be back to normal soon!